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>> i am so there. jessica simpson let it slip she's expecting a baby boy. but the best part may be jimmy kimmel's reaction when he realizes what happened. >> the crazy thing is i never knew a weaner could actually make me nauseous. oh, shucks! well, i guess i just told the whole world that i'm having a boy. >> oh, yeah. okay. i didn't even know what was happening. >> what did he think she was talking about? "star wars" episode 7 may have the force with it. john lucas said they were pretty much in the final stages of negotiations to take over their previous roles. finally, wrap your head around this. actress demi moore, one of hollywood's top earning women of the '90s has filed for alimony from ashton kutcher. the pair separated in november 2011 after six years of marriage. have a great weekend. "way too early" starts right now.
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i want to thank rand paul for making this brave stance. because it is good to know that they cannot kill us. and i'm sure there is no classified second legal opinion overriding that one which we don't know about. doesn't change my opinion. no matter what anybody says, i love drones. you hear that, drones? stephen love you. >> stephen colbert praying to the drone kids. i'm bill karins. turns out i was wrong. r2d2 is a droid. not a drone. sue me.
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thanks for being up with us on friday, march 8th. a lot to talk about including president obama's lunch date with congressman paul ryan that covered everythingquester cuts. china backs the u.n. with new sanctions against north korea and kim jong-un. some of the items on the banned list, luxury yachts and race cars. more details on that, straight ahead. first, our top story here at 5:30 a.m. in new york city. senator rand paul's filibuster may have done more to expose rifts among republicans than it did to draw attention to the administration's policy on drone strikes. the kentucky republican's nearly 13-hour stand on the senate floor was praised in a wide range of political circles from peace activists to the tea party. but some fellow republicans, including senators john mccain and lindsey graham are slamming rand's public protest and members of their own party have joined in. >> the country needs more senators who care about liberty. but if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do
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more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. he needs to know what he's talking about. >> to my republican colleagues, i don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. yeah, i don't even remember the harshest critics of the -- of president bush on the democratic side. they had a drone program back then. so what is it? all of a sudden that this drone program has gotten every republican so spun up? to my party, i'm a bit disappointed that you no longer apparently think we're at war. >> "new york times" photographer caught this image yesterday of what must have been an interesting elevator ride for senators mccain and paul. john brennan who's nomination to lead the cia was temporarily blocked by rand's filibuster was confirmed yesterday. that vote in the senate, 63-34. in fact, both mccain and graham
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voted to support brennan. with graham calling it, quote, referendum on the drone program. adding that before the filibuster he planned on voting no. that infur rated supporters of rand paul who launched an online movement with the hashtag primary graham. they hammered the south carolina republican for dining with president obama at an expensive d.c. restaurant at the exact same time senator rand paul was questioning the administration. the threat of a challenge from the right is exactly why some people believe senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, who's up for re-election next year, decided to publicly support paul's filibuster. senator marco rubio, who's faced criticism from some conservatives over his push for immigration reform was also a public backer of the filibuster. senator paul, meanwhile, remember him? he's the one that did the whole thing. he's claiming victory after he received a letter from the administration stating that the president cannot order a deadly strike against americans on u.s. soil who are not engaged in
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combat. now the freshman senator tells politico he is, quote, seriously considering running for president in 2016. after a relentless criticism for failing to reach out across the aisle, president obama had his second date in two days with top republicans. the president had lunch yesterday with his former vice presidential opponent and house budget chairman paul ryan at the white house. also in attendance, ranking democrat christian holland. according to both camps the group discussed a range of issues from addressing the deficit to replacing the sequester cuts. conversation came over lentil vegetable soup and broiled sea bass served with roasted vegetable ragu. just the night before the president dined, 12 top republican senate members, all those senators described the talks as optimistic. boehner added "if" to the dialogue. >> i did have a conversation with the president about last friday. it was really kind of interesting that this week we've
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gone 180. now he's going to -- after being in office now for four years, he's actually going to sit down and talk to members. i think it's a sign, a hopeful sign. and now i'm hopeful that something will come out of it. but if the president continues to insist on tax hikes, i don't think we're going to get very far. >> president obama has signed a bill that not only renews the violence against women act but extends the law with new protections for victims of rape and domestic abuse. the bill which first authorized in 1994 now offers programs to native americans, members of the lgbt community and undocumented immigrants. in signing the legislation the president dedicated the moment to those who have suffered and survived abuse. >> most of all, though, this is your day. this is a day of the advocates. the day of the survivors. this is your victory. because this is a country where everybody should be able to pursue their own measure of happiness and live their lives free from fear, no matter who
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you are. no matter who you love. that's got to be our priority. that's what today's about. >> meanwhile former president bill clinton is calling on the supreme court to overturn the defense of marriage act. or doma. a piece of legislation he signed into law 17 years ago which denies the federal recognition of same-sex marriages. in an op-ed for the "washington post," president clinton writes, we are still a young country. and many of our landmark civil rights decisions are fresh enough that the voices of their champions still echo. even as the world that proceeds them becomes less and less familiar. i believe that in 2013 doma and opposition to marriage equality are vestiges of such an unfamiliar society. americans have been at this sort of a crossroads often enough to recognize the right path. we understand that while our laws may be at times lagging behind our best natures, in the end they catch up to our core values. 150 years ago, in the midst of the civil war, president abraham lincoln concluded a message to
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congress by posing the very question we face today. it is not can any of us imagine better, but can we all do better? the answer, of course, and always, yes. republican hopes of taking back the senate may be getting a little brighter after democratic senator carl levin of michigan announced he will not seek re-election. the 78-year-old who chairs the armed services committee says he wants to continue serving his country, but did not want to deal with the distraction of another campaign. as the longest serving senator in michigan history, levin's departure leafs a big opens for republicans in a state where they are looking to make gains. one gop official floated four possible names to politico including congressman mike rogers. democrats maintain an effective 55-45 majority over republicans in the last election cycle to keep the senate firmly in their control. jay rockefeller and tom harken are added to the mix. the senate becomes all more
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vulnerable for the democrats. wait and see. later today, osama bin laden's son-in-law will appear in a new york city courtroom where he faces charges of conspiracy to kill americans as a member of al qaeda. abu ghaith who appeared alongside bin laden and claimed responsibility for the 9/11 terror attacks will stand trial in u.s. federal court instead of being detained in guantanamo bay. many gop lawmakers were quick to oppose the decision to keep ghaith in the u.s. for trial yesterday. senator lindsey graham criticized the obama administration for not utilizing the prison at gawn taun ga guantanamo bay. >> we're putting the administration on notice. we think sneaking this guy into the country, clearly going around the intent of congress when it comes to enemy combatants will be challenged. i don't know what they're going to charge him with. i don't know the details of what they plan for this gentleman. but i do know this.
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if this man, spokesman for 9/11, is not an enemy combatant, who would be? >> since september 11th, 2001, 67 foreign terror suspects have been convicted in u.s. federal courts. china has signed on to new economic sanctions against north korea. in a strong message from the international community. the move comes after north korea's third nuclear test and threats of a preemptive nuclear strike against the u.s. in response to the u.n. sanction they said it would tear up all nonaggression agreements with the south korea and cut off a hotline the two nations share. china's decision to support the panel underlines the growing frustration with the regime. >> it's going to constrain their finances. it's going to constrain their ability to procure the kinds of technical materials that they need and the technology that they need to advance those programs. so it's going to set those programs back.
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one of the important provisions of this resolution today was to make clear that a wide range of luxury goods, including some very specific luxury goods, aren't going to be able to be imported for the leadership of north korea, which is living large while starving its people. >> let's see if these sanctions work. the sanctions on luxury goods are designed to irritate the country's ruling class and restrict imports of everything from jewelry to yachts to luxury automobiles. even race cars. south korea has previously reported that the north spend as much as $10 million over the course of six months importing top shelf whiskey, armani and gucci fashion, rolex watches, and reportedly have big macs flown in daily. the latest round of stress tests on our country's largest banks. 17 of 18 pass. the tests gauge how well a bank would survive another economic downturn. for more on the lone bank to
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fail and the latest on wall street let's bring in cnbc. good morning, karen. >> good morning, bill. one of those u.s. banks failed. that was allied. this was the former finance arm of general motors. overall the stress test really concluded there's been an improvement in the quality in capital the banks have been raising. so basically we looked at just how much capital there would be on the balance sheet if there was going to be another crisis that hit the u.s. like in 2008. and it saw there would be about 7.7% capital abregat across the banking sector which was higher than 5% minimum threshold there is for the industry as regulation states. in terms of the stress testing criteria, this basically looked at a 50% plunge in equity prices. don't forget we've doubled off the lows we had at the very trough of the crisis. a fall of housing prices by about 20%. and also an escalation in the unemployment rate of about 12.1% which is 4% higher than we're sitting today. don't forget we'll get a good
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look at the state of the economy today with the nonfarm payrolls coming out. 160,000 jobs expected to be added to the economy. very important for the dow which has been the focus of international investors this week. >> a busy day yesterday involving pandora. revenue jumped in the fourth quarter. overall the company is struggling. looks like they lost $14 million. what's the future of the internet company? >> well, they also lost their ceo on the back of those numbers. they're replacing joseph kennedy. you're right. the numbers widened out to a bigger loss in the fourth quarter. the numbers, $14.6 million in terms of the red ink. $8.2 million was the size of the loss a year ago. it's telling you something about the extent of the problems the company's facing. these did actually beat expectations which is why the stock has been up about 20%. it's facing increased competition in the sector. a huge challenge is the company does somehow increase its number of subscribers, 60 million some
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people listening to the service. >> cnbc's karen tso live for us in london. have a wonderful weekend. let us know why you're awake. shoot us an e-mail at we'll lead the best response later in the show. still ahead on "way too early" tiger woods off to a hot start during the first round of the world golf championship. while the number one golfer in the world, rory mcilroy, continues his struggles. those highlights are next in sports. later, new york mayor michael bloomberg has already cracked down on what you drink and what you eat. now he wants to know what you're listening to and how loud. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. [ female announcer ] let our chefs take your lettuce from drab to fab
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and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. it's one of those mornings where students, teachers and parents are all wondering, do their kids have school today? outside of new york city, most likely delay or cancellation. same goes for much of our friends through all of new england who are waking up to a snowy winter wonderland. meetologi meteorologist dylan dreyer. welcome back. >> really glad i didn't have to put my -- >> you would have nailed it. i'm sure. >> this was one of those storms that is now dumping all the snow. especially across southern new england where we do have already 10 to 12 inches of snow on the ground. it looks like we'll see another couple of inches before this comes to an end.
2:49 am
we have one storm exiting but another storm moving in. in southern california, we have heavy rain coming downright now. this is going to perhaps turn into a winter storm for parts of -- areas like western nebraska and even into southeastern wyoming where blizzard watches are already posted. that's something we'll keep an eye on as we head into the weekend. but around the northeast, we do still have the snow coming down. it extends all the way into portions of new jersey. now we're starting to see some accumulating snow with very bad conditions out there. because the winds are still very strong. the roads aren't all that clear. and it does look like we will see a lot of widespread -- at least delays as far as school is concerned. as we go into this afternoon, watch as the moisture drys up. by this evening this storm is gone. we're dpoigoing to see a lot of melting this weekend. bill, your forecast the snow. i'll forecast the 50s and 60s for the weekend. >> that's how i figured it would be. show up and tell everyone it's going to be beautiful. here's the scene from laguardia airport. hopefully the airports won't be too bad today in new york city
2:50 am
itself. doesn't look like much is going to stick there at all. thanks, dylan. to sports. big news out of yankee camp. tomorrow mare yiano rivera suppd to announce retirement. he's scheduled to make his first pitching appearance of spring training after he addresses the media at 10:00 a.m. he has played his entire 18-year career with the yankees. he'll leave the game with an unparallel numbers among relief pictures. 608 saves. another 42 saves in the postseason alone. he also boasts the second lowest e.r.a. among pitchers who have thrown at least 1,000 innings. hope for one more final great year for him. should he call it a career at the end of the season? rivera will be eligible for the hall of fame in 2019. more from baseball where dodgers outfielder carl crawford picking a fight with the fans and media of his former team. we're not talking about the rays
2:51 am
down in tampa. in an interview with cbs sports crawford laid into the boston media and the red sox faithful who were critical of him after he failed to live up to his $142 million contract. he said in part, quote, that smile turned upsidedown quick. i think they want to see that in boston. they love it when you're miserable. burying people in the media. they think that makes a person play better. that media was the worst thing i've ever experienced in my life. crawford has yet to play a game for the dodgers since being traded to l.a. last august. he hopes to be back from tommy johns surgery by this opening day. now for some nba. the knicks still without superstar carmelo anthony hosting the thunder at the garden. take it to the fourth quarter. okc down. just one. durant with a nice, easy shot. a little floater in the lane. butter for him. j.r. smith now. chance to win the game. knicks down one. turnaround jumper off the back of the rim. it was an incredible night for
2:52 am
j.r. smith. but this one was no good. he had 36 points on the night. making up for anthony's loss. but it wasn't enough as the knicks lose to oklahoma city 95-94. let's head outside to florida where it's perfect this time of year. spring break. tiger woods has share of first round lead. woods finished 6 under out of 66 making nine birdies in one of his best rounds of the year. on the other hand, also in tiger's playing group, top ranked rory mcilroy. not sure if his aching tooth gets the blame again but it was a struggle. 40 of the elite 65 players finished under par in the field. mcilroy was not one of them shooting a 1 over par of 73. the potential is there for a great weekend to golf if you're a golf fan. also if you're an nbc sports fan. right behind tiger is phil mickelson one stroke back. here's hoping for a tiger mcleson pairing on sunday.
2:53 am
the morning joe crew will discuss what it means for the gop going forward. when we come back here around the water cooler, justin bieber's concert run in london has gone from bad to worse. first he shows up late for a show. then he collapses on stage. lucky for us, he's still sending out half naked pictures of himself from the hospital. "way too early" coming right back. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three!
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we told you at the top of the show that after a lengthy senate battle john brennan has been confirmed as director of the cia. much of the controversy is over the drone program. if you want to sound smart tell your friends the air force currently has 65,000 to 70,000 people working to process the data and footage gathered from the drones. the military hopes in the coming years it can create a computer program to do the analysis instead. enough with the real news. let's gather around the water cooler for heartthrob news. justin bieber gave screaming fans a scare last night. during a concert in london bieber apparently got a little woozy. a backup dancer had to guide him to the side. then biebs passed out on stage. his loyal fans were, of course, freaking out. bieber's manager assured them he wouldn't be gone for long. in 20 minutes, biebs returned to
2:57 am
the stage to sing a few songs. slow songs. he then headed to a nearby hospital for precaution. this is the part of the show that we call, let's count the tats. no. justin is doing just fine. he tweeted, quote, getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me through tonight. best fans in the world figuring out what happened. i counted six, by the way. nagging new yorkers often call him nanny bloomberg for his public health crusades. new york city mayor michael bloomberg is committed to making a healthier new york. in a little over ten years he has banned smoking in bars and restaurants, added calorie counts to fast food menus, told chefs the kind of oil they can fry. he's also cut the amount of salt in our bag of chips. i go to jersey to get mine. canceled our big gulp order. now he's turning down the volume on our ipods. yes, the city is developing a hearing loss prevention campaign aimed at young people. it will cost $250,000. it will warn that listening to music at a high volume for an
2:58 am
extended period of time will increase hearing loss. researchers at john hopkins say one in five people older than 12 had hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication. a first peek at the, quote, epic conclusion to the hangover movie series. the trailer for "the hangover: part 3" makes its debut online. the film hits theaters on memorial day. for now here are the takes. >> someone needs to burn this place to the ground. >> i like that. >> my name's allen, and i bought a giraffe! my life is great! >> i can see only that much it would already be better than the second one that i'm trying to forget from bangkok. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake?
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your amplified tweets, texts and e-mails are ahead. and "morning joe" now just moments away. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer sweeper, and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact

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